Massachusetts Colony gets new charter giving it all North American Territories north of the St. Lawrence.

Massachusetts enumerates the “Frontier Towns.” Inhabitants forbidden to desert on pain of loss of their lands (if landholders) or of imprisonment (if not landholders). Deerfield listed as frontier town.

Raid on Deerfield. Part of Queen Anne’s War 1702-1713

MA orders the first land survey of the area in present-day southeastern VT to settle a boundary dispute with CT.

Fort Dummer built.

Massachusetts General Court votes to lay out four townships. Those on the east side of the river (NH) were numbered in order going up the stream: No. 1 Chesterfield, No. 2 Westmoreland, No. 3 Walpole, No. 4 Charlestown.

Royal decree settles boundary disputes between Massachusetts and New Hampshire and places the line where it is today.

Fort #4 built in Charlestown, NH

1749 -1761 
Over 63 Vermont and New Hampshire towns chartered by Benning Wentworth under the rule of King George II. Known as the New Hampshire Grants. Done in an effort to lay claim on disputed New York territory.

Moor’s Indian Charity School founded — later incorporated into Dartmouth College

The Seven Years’ War begins as Great Britain declares war on France expanding the North American conflict to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

The British capture Montreal ending the conflict in North America.

The Treaty of Paris ends the war between Britain and France.

Royal Board of Trade declares the west bank of Connecticut River boundary line between NY and NH. Reverses the New Hampshire Grant charters.

c. 1770
Rapid influx of settlers to the northern Connecticut River Valley begins and lasts until the early 1800s