Have you been wanting to dig into research either online or at an archive?

This six-week research seminar is for teachers in any grade who wish to incorporate new historical materials into their US History or Social Studies curriculum.  It is a structured opportunity to take a deep dive into a topic, era, or theme, engaging in authentic research, finding historical materials for your students. Engaging in authentic research brings new energies to the classroom and insights into ways to help students also become historians.

The summer seminar is a mix of in-person (on zoom) and independent research. Participants will meet twice as a group at the beginning of the summer and then check-in with the seminar leaders at least two times at office-hour consultations.  Office hours support research and development of teaching activities to accompany the primary sources.The research seminar culminates in a final group session where participants present their summer research to their colleagues.

Seminar leaders will be available throughout the six weeks to help find and interpret historical materials.

Dates (depending on group size we can be flexible and adjust dates):
July 11 & 13: 3-5pm on Zoom -workshop on finding primary sources online and in your community
July 20, 17; August 3, 10: 9 – 11am –choose 2 of these dates for office hours (joint research/work time)
August 18: 3-5pm Final Session sharing research

Course Fee: $500
Graduate Credit: $475



Thank you to the Windham Foundation for partnering with us in our work!