Maps of the French and Indian War

Blanchard and Langdon’s NH map reveals Vermont details as well. The map reveals  conflict with Native Americans as well as natural resources such as “tall white pines”.

Topographical Map of the State of New Hampshire,1784
This early map of New Hampshire includes the locations of early mills and churches.

Whitelaw Map 1810
This early Vermont map includes the locations of early mills, churches, and roads.

McClellan Map 1856

Beers Atlas Maps 1869

Birds-Eye Maps 1880s
These detailed Vermont county maps include residences and businesses in each town. This is a collection of detailed panoramic maps from throughout the country.

Sanborn Maps Late 19th and early 20th century                                                                                  These detailed maps of larger towns include floor plans of many buildings.

United States Geological Survey
This site allows you to search for maps by zip code. You can then layer them and download.
Town Maps for download/purchase for many towns in the region.
Local maps for download/purchase