Benning Wentworth charters the first town in the Vermont area, Bennington.

Start of French and Indian War halts settlement of the VT region beyond the southernmost tier.

Following the end of the French and Indian War, Gov. Wentworth charters 100 new towns, known as the New Hampshire Grants.

The Ejectment Trials mark the arrival in VT of Ethan Allen, who defends the land ownership rights of Grants settlers in an Albany, NY, court.

Green Mountain Boys prevent NY authorities from exercising control in the VT area, successfully protecting most Yankee settlers from eviction or dispossession of their lands.

Ethan Allen and a regiment of Green Mountain Boys capture Fort Ticonderoga, the first American victory in the Revolutionary War.

January 1777
Grants settlers declare their independence from NY and NH.

July 1777
Constitution of the state of VT outlaws slavery, bestows universal white male suffrage, and limits executive power.

August 1777
John Stark’s defeat of Gen. Burgoyne at the Battle of Bennington helps thwart British plan to separate New England from the rest of the colonies.

1778, 1781
VT seizes Connecticut River towns in NH and tries to create an Eastern Union; the unsuccessful effort alienates Congress.

In secret talks, the Haldimand Negotiations, Ethan and Ira Allen threaten to return VT to Great Britain.

End of the war spurs settlement of northern half of VT.

VT enters the Union as the 14th state, paired with KY as the 15th state.