Course Syllabus

February 27: 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.           


8:30 Welcome, Coffee, Introductions

8:45 Activating Background Knowledge and Identifying Themes: Exhibit Activity

9:30 Compelling Questions:  Further Reading

New York Question Bank

9:45 Independent Work: 

Brainstorm topic and come up with a compelling question for your inquiry.

10:30 Argument stems–the summative assessment

LDC argument/explanatory/informatory text stems 

10:45 Independent Work:

Come up with the summative assessment and test it.  

11:30 Lunch Break

12:15 Disciplinary Concepts and Skills

Background Chart on Disciplinary Concepts and Skills

12:30 Independent Work (in pairs):

Using the exhibit, find primary sources that you could use to help students develop disciplinary concepts and skills. How might you do it?

1:15 Evaluate Sources and Make a Claim: Further Reading 


1:30 Independent Work

Find relevant primary sources that provide the evidence students will need for your summative assessment.– fill in blank worksheet

Suffrage links + Sarah and Ellen’s full Inquiry

2:30 Report in

March 12: Final Project Presentations

Choice: Develop a C3 inquiry for your class; or develop a set of lessons that introduce a dimension of the C3 framework to your class