Author: Ben Feld, Barre Town School, Barre, VT
Grade Level: 8

Historical Context
Expansion and reform (1801 to 1861) Theme: The gathering and interactions of peoples, cultures, and ideas
Era: Expansion and reform (1801 to 1861)
Freedom and Unity Connection: Arrivals and Departures

Essential Question: What were the major motivating factors that caused people to move West during the 19th century?

Background Information:
The gathering and interactions of peoples, cultures, and ideas: Migration From Vermont
Gathering and Interactions of Peoples, Cultures, and Ideas: Timeline of Westward
Migration and U.S. Expansion

Materials/Primary Sources:
· Copies of the “Vermont Emigrant Association” flyer:
· Copies of the questions
· Scoring rubric provided in FeldRubric.pdf (along with a blank rubric if you would like to create your own).

Activity Plan:
Distribute copies of the VEA flyer, along with a copy of the following printed questions:

1. Why was the Vermont emigrant Association formed?
2. What do the members of the Association wish to gain?
3. To what state will the VEA move, most likely?
4. How is this land described?
5. In what ways are the VEA and its objectives “sold” to the reader? In other words, what are the good things about becoming a member of the VEA? How does it seem beneficial?
6. Was equality of its members important to the VEA? Please provide evidence from the text.
7. Draw a historical parallel to the VEA. Name another group that had similar goals in American history.