Background History Books

Jan Albers, Hands on the Land (2002)

Rebecca Brown, Editor, Where the Great River Rises (2009)

Frank Bryan, Real Democracy: The New England Town Meeting and How it Works (2004)

Susan Clark & Frank Bryan, All Those in Favor: Rediscovering the Secrets of Town Meeting and Community (2005)

Colin Calloway, The Western Abenaki of Vermont, 1600 – 1800 (1994)

David Foster, New England Forests through Time (2000) See also the online link

Benjamin Hall, History of Eastern Vermont (1857)

Abby Hemenway, Vermont Historical Gazetteer (Orange County is in volume 2, 1871; see

Jere Daniell, Colonial New Hampshire: A History (1981)

Michael Caduto, A Time Before New Hampshire (2003)

Picture Books

Diana Appelbaum, Giants in the Land (1993)

Jesse Bruchac, Mosbas and the Magic Flute

Marge Bruchac, Malian’s Song (1996)

Lynne Cherry, A River Ran Wild (1952)

Alice Dalgliesh, Courage of Sarah Noble (1954)

Michael Hahn, Ann Story (1996)

Natalie Kinsey-Warnock, The Bear that Heard Crying (1997)

Chapter Books

Joseph Bruchac, The Winter People (2004)

Susannah Speare, Calico Captive (2001)

Books on Historical Inquiry and Teaching with Primary Sources

Joan Brodsky Schur, Eyewitness to the Past (2007)

Perspectives ’76 (1976)


A Correct Map of the State of Vermont; James Whitelaw, 1796