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Village Life Links

By Sarah Rooker on December 18, 2013 in Flow of History

Background Information

Freedom and Unity
This exhibit provides good contextual information.

Landscape History of Central New England. This is the website for the book “New England Forests Through Time

The Debit Economy of 1830s New England” for the book “New England Forests Through Time”

Vermont History Explorer: Maps

New Hampshire History Slideshows
*The Good Old Days: Remember Them?
*Going to School in New Hampshire
*New Hampshire: An Industrious State


Old Maps
Here is where you can find copies of old maps such as the Beers Atlas maps

Village Quest
This standards-based unit is a series of eight lessons, whereby a class uses historical maps, field trips, primary and secondary resources, and interviews with community elders to create a Quest capturing “hidden stories” in their town. Suitable for 4th – 8th grade

Primary Sources

Diaries: Sally and Pamela Brown; The Diaries of Sally and Pamela Brown 1832-1838, ed. Blanche Bryant and Gertrude Baker (Springfield, Vt.: The William L. Bryant Foundation, 1970).

Letters of Mary Paul, a Vermont mill girl in Lowell