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Fall 2013 Connecting Students with Real People from the Past
Spring 2013 Teaching about Child Labor and the Flood of 1927
Winter 2013 Village Life in New Hampshire and Vermont
Summer 2012 Teaching the Civil War as a Focal Point in American History
Fall 2011 Slavery and and Antislavery in the North Timeline of Sectional Conflict
Summer 2011 Studying Early Town Settlement in the Connecticut River Valley
 Winter 2011 Studying Abenaki History and Culture
 Spring 2010 Citizenship, Civil Liberties, and Civil Rights
 Summer 2009 Economic Development in the 19th Century
 Winter 2009 Digital History
 Spring 2008 Life, Liberty, and Land: Vermont 1763-1783
 Winter 2008 Timeline of the Revolutionary Era
 Fall 2007 Timeline of Early Contact & Settlement Getting Information from Early Town Records
 Spring 2007 Tracing Vermont and New Hampshire Emigrants in the West
Timeline of Westward Expansion
 Winter 2007  Migration from Vermont
 Summer 2006  Book Discussions and Reading Strategies
 Spring 2006 Using the Census in the Classroom
 Winter 2006 Timeline of Reconstruction to the Harlem Renaissance
 Fall 2005 The American Precision Museum
 Spring 2005 The Industrial Revolution in the Connecticut River Valley
 Winter 2005 Finding Civil War History in your Community
 Summer 2004 Finding History in your Community
 Winter 2004  Immigration & Family History
 Fall 2003  Connecticut River Valley Settlement