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Expressing new ideas though an exhibit

  • Students read and analyze the assigned primary sources using the Close Read Process.
  • Students synthesize their materials using hiSTORY Map:


What change do you see happening between the first and second document
What is the evidence of that change?

Historical Evidence [before]  Historical Evidence [after]

What is the setting for this change? (the farm, the landscape, the home, the economy, etc)

What is the time period? 1820s –1840s
Who was involved in this change?  (Farmers? Merchants? Women?)

TITLE of your Exhibit:

  • Students use the hiSTORY Map to synthesize the materials and plan presentation
  • Students use a foam-core board to create a brief exhibit. Exhibit components:
    1. a descriptive title
    2. summary statement describing historical change
    3. primary source or part of a primary source that illustrates key point(s)
    4. captions for the primary source that include quotes or details that highlight evidence