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Step 3: Developing an Instructional Plan using the Inquiry Cycle

Questions to consider as you develop an instructional plan based on the inquiry model:

Connect: How will learners be engaged in the content and skills? What process for a close read of the informational text will allow students to gain the background knowledge they need to ask good questions of the primary sources?

  • Wonder: How will students develop higher-order questions to ask of the primary sources?
  • Investigate: What process will students use to closely read and investigate the primary sources? If students are to find their own primary sources, where will they find them?
    • If you are unsure about how to find primary sources and closely connect them to historical thinking skills, explore DocsTeach, created by the National Archives. You can search by skills, grade level, or content.
  • Construct: When and how will students work together as they investigate and draw conclusions? How will I support students to organize and synthesize information to answer the research question?
  • Express: How will students Express new ideas and share learning with others? What technology might they use?
  • Reflect: How will I help the students reflect on the significance of the information?
  • Connect: How will new understandings and questions connect to the next lesson?