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Step 1: Curriculum Context and Skills and Standards

 Curriculum Context—What is the content/topic for the lesson?
 VT Content Grade Expectations(s) | History & Social Sciences |
 Common Core State Standards | Common Core Standards | Include at least one writing standard, one reading standard, one speaking and listening standard that will be taught and assessed.
 Writing Standard (s)        |          Reading Standard(s)         |        Speaking and Listening Standard(s)
 Historical Thinking Skills: | Standards in Historical Thinking |
 Enduring Understanding: What’s the big idea?
 Focusing Questions:
 Assessment Evidence
Formative Assessment Practices: Assessments that use evidence of learning to adapt instruction in real time to meet students’ immediate learning needs.  Summative Assessment:

Expressing new ideas and reflecting on learning (e.g., presentation, paper, video, blog):