The Flow of History

Caledonia Central Supervisory Union

The Flow of History is the title of three-year grant initiative under the federal Teaching American History program, funded through the Caledonia Central Supervisory Union. Using the Connecticut River Valley as a place of study, partner organizations and rural Vermont teachers promised to:

  1. Identify major eras and themes in traditional American history.
  2. Establish challenging curriculum in American history.
  3. Interpret local and national primary source materials by understanding their context within and relation to themes/topics in American history.
  4. Develop a collaborative exchange of practice that improves their work and builds a repertoire of high quality examples and resource materials.

Project documents, available as PDF* files:
Flow of History -- Initial Proposal
Progress Report FY 2003
Progress Report FY 2004
Interim Evaluation Report

To find out more about standards based curriculum, contact the Vermont Alliance for Social Studies.

To learn more about professional development opportunities, contact the Northeast Kingdom School Development Center.

To link to the museum activities, contact the Vermont Museum and Gallery Alliance.

To link to the connections that can be made for small schools, contact the Vermont Rural Partnership.

To find out more about community-based connections in general, visit Vermont Community Works.

To find out more about using multimedia and telecommuncations as tools to enhance learning in history and community-based education, visit the WEB Project.

To find out more about our two case study sites, contact Jen Brown at Dummerston School or Margaret MacLean at Peacham Elementary.

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